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Police Departments

The following original documents have been cataloged and indexed into the Family Tree Connection genealogy database. You may search any of the Police Departments items listed, however, a subscription is required to access all details of the transcribed information.

Cleveland Police and Fire Department 1918 Rosters
Deserters from the United States Army 1846, August 1
Elizabeth Police Department 1927 Report
Indianapolis Police 1910 Souvenir Review
Lawrence Police Department 1883 Roster
Manchester Police Orphanage 1893 Annual Report
New York City Lieutenants' Benevolent Association 1910 By-Laws
1928 Paterson Police Department Report
Paterson Police Paragraphs, Volume 1, No. 5
23rd Annual Pawtucket Police Assoc. Ball
Saginaw Police Department 1907 Report
Saginaw Police Department 1913 Report
Tulsa Police Department 1923 Report
Tulsa Police Department 1924 Report
Tulsa Police Department 1925 Report


Catalog of Original Documents



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