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Knights Templar

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The following Knights Templar original documents have been cataloged and indexed into the Family Tree Connection database. You may search any of the Knights Templar items listed, however, a subscription is required to access all details of the transcribed information.

Central City Commandery, No. 25, K. T., 1870 Members
Coeur de Lion Commandery K. T. 1899 By-Laws
Columbian Commandery, No. 4, K. T., List of 1904 Members
Columbian Commandery, No. 4, K. T., List of 1909 Members
Crusader Commandery, Knights Templar Roster
Detroit Commandery, No. 1 Membership List
Golden Gate Commandery, No. 16, K. T., List of 1908 Roster
Holy Sepulchre Commandery, No. 8, K. T., 1890 By-Laws
Hood River Commandery, No. 12, K. T., 1931 Directory
Hudson River Commandery, No. 35, K. T., 1924-5 Conclaves
Hudson River Commandery, No. 35, K. T., List of 1921 Officers
Hudson River Commandery, No. 35, K. T., List of 1922 Officers
Lewiston Commandery, No. 6, K. T., List of 1916 Members
New Haven Commandery Centennial 1825-1925
Palestine Commandery K. T. 1921-22 Roster
Palestine Commandery No. 14, K. T. 1911 Roster
Portland Commandery, No. 2, List of 1922 Members
Reading Commandery K. T. 1907 By-Laws
1900 Saint Johns Commandery, No. 1, K. T. Roster
Springfield Commandery K. T. 1891 By-Laws
St. Alban Commandery, No. 47, K. T., 1911-12 Officers
St. John's Commandery K. T. 1875 Historical Sketch
Tancred Commandery, No. 25 K. T. 1907 Membership
Trinity Commandery No. 7 Knights Templar
Washington Commandery No. 1, K. T. 1912 Roster
Watertown Commandery, No. 11, K. T., List of 1885 Sir Knights
Winston-Salem 1909 Masonic Directory
Worcester Co. Commandery, 1878 List of Members


Catalog of Original Documents



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