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Hospitals & Clinics

The following original documents have been cataloged and indexed into the Family Tree Connection genealogy database. You may search any of the Hospitals & Clinics items listed, however, a subscription is required to access all details of the transcribed information.

Albany Hospital School for Nurses 1934 Graduation
American Ambulance Hospital 1916 Report
American Red Cross Bureau of Camp Service 1919 Farewell Party Program
28th Bellevue Hospital College Catalogue
35th Bethesda Hospital Annual Report
Butler Hospital 1848 Annual Report
Butler Hospital 1852 Annual Report
Butler Hospital 1907 Annual Report
The Cambridge Hospital 1886-1929
Fairview Hospital 1929 Annual Report
Frederick Hospital Nursing School 1924 Commencement
1927 French Benevolent Society of NY Report
Hahnemann Medical College 1911 Commencement
Homoeopathic Hospital Nurses School 1928 Graduation
Jefferson Medical College 1895-96 Announcement
Jefferson Medical College 1896-97 Announcement
Jefferson Medical College 1898-99 Announcement
Jefferson Medical College 1900-01 Announcement
Kentucky College of Medicine 1887 Catalogue
Kentucky School of Medicine 1898 Register
Long Island College Hospital 1889 Announcement
Long Island College Hospital 1890 Commencement
New York State Prison 1910 Report
Newport Hospital 1922 Annual Report
32nd Nursery and Childs Hospital Annual Report
Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane 1857 Report
Phila. Protestant Episcopal Hospital 1885 Report
Phila. Protestant Episcopal Hospital 1887 Report
Phila. Protestant Episcopal Hospital 1888 Report
Phila. Protestant Episcopal Hospital 1890 Report
Phila. Protestant Episcopal Hospital 1893 Report
Phila. Protestant Episcopal Hospital 1894 Report
Phila. Protestant Episcopal Hospital 1907 Report
Phila. Protestant Episcopal Hospital 1908 Report
8th Philadelphia Orthopaedic Hospital Annual Report
Rhode Island Hospital 1906 Annual Report
St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing Alumni (1903-1929)
St. Luke's Hospital 1926 Yearbook
St. Luke's Hospital 9th Annual Report
Victoria Hospital Nursing Golden Jubilee
Washington Hospital for Foundlings 1897 Report
Washington Hospital for Foundlings 1903 Report
29th Annual Wesley Memorial Hospital Report
2nd Westborough Insane Hospital Report


Catalog of Original Documents



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