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Colleges & Universities

The following original documents have been cataloged and indexed into the Family Tree Connection genealogy database. You may search any of the Colleges & Universities items listed, however, a subscription is required to access all details of the transcribed information.

Abbott School 1916 Roster
Acadia University 1929 Class Day
Acorn Souvenir 1923 Yearbook
Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn 1869-1907 Catalog
Adelphi College 1924 Commencement
The Agricola of 1925
Agricultural & Mechanical College of Texas 1921 Commencement
Agricultural College Bulletin 1908-1909
University of Alabama 1881 Catalogue
Albany College 1901-02 Catalogue
Albany Medical College 1863 Catalogue
Albany State Normal College 1911 Commencement
Albany State Normal School 1848 Register and Circular
Amherst College 1840-1 Catalogue
Amherst College 1857-8 Catalogue
Amherst College 1870 Obituary Record
Amherst College 1878 Obituary Record
Amherst College '64 Commencement
4th Annual Arendtsville Reformed College Report
University of Arizona Record, 1910-11 Register
Aroostook State Normal School 1903-1904 Catalogue
Asheville Female College 1871-72 Catalogue
Atlanta University 1882-83 Catalogue
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery 1916 Commencement
Baltimore College of Physicians 1881 Catalogue
Baltimore College of Physicians 1882 Catalogue
Baltimore College of Physicians 1885-6 Catalogue
Baltimore College of Physicians 1886-7 Catalogue
Baltimore College of Physicians 1887-8 Catalogue
Baltimore Medical College 1887-8 Catalogue
Baltimore Medical College 1893 Commencement
Baptist Female College 1872-3 Catalogue
Barnard College Senior Week Activities 1926
Baylor Female College 1909 Commencement
Baylor University 1924 Commencement
Beaver College and Musical Institute 1872 Catalogue
Belles Lettres Society 1847 Catalogue
28th Bellevue Hospital College Catalogue
Beloit College 1856-7 Catalogue
Bennett Medical College 1886 Commencement
Berea College 1880-81 Annual Catalogue
Bethany College 1890-1891 Catalogue
Beverly Normal College 1892-3 Calendar
The Boomer 1925
Boston College of Physicians 1884-1885 Catalogue
Boston College of Physicians 1888-1889 Catalogue
Boston College of Physicians 1912-1913 Announcement
Boston Dental College 1890-91 Announcement
Boston Fifth Universalist Church 1837 Members
Boston Normal School of Gymnastics 1894-1895 Catalogue
Bowdoin College 1840 Catalogue
Bowdoin College 1843-44 Catalogue
Bowdoin College 1851 Catalogue
Bowdoin College 1866-67 Catalogue
Bowdon College 1889-90 Annual Catalogue
Bridgeport City Normal School 1922 Commencement
Bridgewater State Normal School 1888 Catalogue
British Columbia Univ. Sixteenth Congregation
Brown University 1836-7 Catalogue
Brown University 1837-8 Catalogue
Brown University 1838-9 Catalogue
Brown University 1839-40 Catalogue
Brown University 1843-4 Catalogue
Brown University 1844-5 Catalogue
Brown University 1845-6 Catalogue
Brown University 1847-8 Catalogue
Brown University 1850-1 Catalogue
Brown University 1851-2 Catalogue
Brown University 1853-4 Catalogue
Brown University 1854-5 Catalogue
Brown University 1855-6 Catalogue
Brown University 1860-1 Catalogue
Brown University 1865-6 Catalogue
Brownsville High School 1928 Commencement
Bryant & Stratton 1908 Commencement
Buffalo Dental Dept. 1910 Commencement
University of Buffalo Medical Dept. 1895-1896 Announcement
Buie's Creek Academy and Business College 1908 Catalogue
Univ. of California 1915 Commencement
Univ. of Cambridge 1847-48 Catalogue
Univ. of Cambridge Law School 1852-53 Catalogue
Canandaigua Academy 1892 Catalogue
Cap and Bells Incorporated 1914 Program
Catholic Normal and Pio Nono 1915-1916 Catalogue
Center College School 1904 Souvenir
Central Michigan Normal School '98
Central University of Kentucky 1906-1907 Catalog
Centre College 1865 Catalogue
Centre College 1868 Catalogue
Centre College 1879-80 Catalogue
Chicago Female College 1882-1883 Catalogue
Chicago Normal College 1929 Commencement
Chicago Piano College 1906-7 Catalogue
Chico State Normal School 1906 Commencement
University of Cincinnati 34th Commencement
Claflin University 1922-23 Catalogue
Clarion State Normal School 1894-5 Catalogue
Class Day '24 Cumberland Valley State Normal
The Classic, June 1915
Cobb Divinity School 1892-3 Catalogue
Colby College Bulletin, Series XV, No. 1
Colby College Bulletin, Series XXVII, No. 1
Colby University Alumni Obituary Record
College Corner School 1897-1898 Souvenir
College of Architecture 1920 Commencement Program
College of New Jersey 1842-43 Catalogue
College of New Jersey 1844-45 Catalogue
College of New Jersey 1868-69 Catalogue
College of New Jersey 1873-74 Catalogue
College of New Jersey 1874-75 Catalogue
College of New Jersey 1875-76 Catalogue
Colorado State Normal School 1891-1892 Catalogue
Columbia Christian College 1875 Catalogue
Columbia College 1871 Medical Department Catalogue
Columbia College 1884 Medical Department Catalogue
Columbia College 1887 Medical Department Catalogue
Columbia College 1889 Law School Commencement
Columbia College, School of Mines, 1866-67
Columbia College, School of Mines, 1867-68
Columbia College, School of Mines, 1868-69
Columbia College, School of Mines, 1870-71
Columbia College, School of Mines, 1871-72
Columbia Institution 1873 Report
Columbia Institution 1874 Report
Columbia Institution 1885 Report
28th Conference of Overseas War Work Secretaries
Connecticut College for Women 1924-1925 Catalogue
Connecticut College for Women 1926-1927 Catalogue
Connecticut College for Women 1927-1928 Catalogue
Connecticut College for Women 1929-1930 Catalogue
Connecticut Normal School 1880 Catalogue
Connecticut Normal School 1882 Catalogue
Connecticut Normal School 1883 Catalogue
Converse College 1890-91 Catalogue
Cornell University 1906 Commencement
Cornell University Class of '92 Ten Year Book
Crittenden's Philadelphia Commercial College 1860 Catalogue
Crittenden's Philadelphia Commercial College 1861 Catalogue
Crittenden's Philadelphia Commercial College 1865 Catalogue
Dakota Wesleyan University 1914 Bulletin
Dalhouse College and University 1889 Alumni
Danville Central Normal College 1888 Catalogue
Danville College for Young Ladies 1884-85 Catalogue
Danville College for Young Ladies 1886-87 Catalogue
Danville College for Young Ladies 1888-89 Catalogue
Danville College for Young Ladies 1890-91 Catalogue
Danville College for Young Ladies 1891-92 Catalogue
Danville College for Young Ladies 1895-96 Catalogue
Davidson College 1922 Senior Week Program
Delaware College 1846-47 Catalogue
Delaware College 1914 Commencement
Delaware College 1915 Commencement
Delphian Institute Society Members
Detroit Medical College 1881-1882 Catalogue
Dial Lodge 1923-1924 Club Members
Dialectic Society 1841 Members
Dickinson College 1912 Commencement
Dickinson College 1924 Commencement
Doane College 1900 Commencement
The Doctors 1909
Drake University 1921 Commencement
University of Dubuque 1922-1923 Catalog
Earlham College Biblical Dept. 1892 Commencement
The Eastern Bulletin, Vol. IV, No. 12a
Eastern State Normal and Training School 1903 Catalogue
Eclectic Medical College 21st Commencement
Elliott's Business College 1905-1906 Catalogue
Elmira College 1890-1891 Catalogue
Elmira College 1896-1897 Catalogue
Emory College 1906-1907 Catalogue
Emory University 1929 Graduating Exercises
Enterprise High School 1905 Commencement
Eureka College 1887 Catalogue
Eureka College 1888 Catalogue
Eureka College 1889 Catalogue
Ewing College 1885 Catalogue
Excelsior Normal School 1916 Reunion
The Exponent, Vol. III, No. 2, May, 1907
Farmington State Normal School 1887 Catalogue
Farmington State Normal School 1904 Commencement
Farmington State Normal School 1926 Commencement
Fayetteville Colored Normal and Industrial School 1926-27 Catalogue
The Fettesian-Lorettonian Club 1888 Members
First Pennsylvania State Normal School 1901 Class Day
First Pennsylvania State Normal School 1902 Class Day
First Pennsylvania State Normal School 1903 Commencement
Florida State College for Women 1925 Commencement
Framingham State Normal School 1890-91 Catalogue
Franklin and Marshall Academy 1910-1911 Catalogue
Franklin and Marshall Academy 1911-1912 Catalogue
Franklin and Marshall Academy 1912-1913 Catalogue
Franklin and Marshall College 1878-1879 Catalogue
Frederick Woman's College 1895-96 Catalogue
Freed-Hardeman July 1924 College Bulletin
Geneva College 1888 Commencement Exercises
Geneva College 1888 Commencement Program
Girard College 181st Founder's Day
Girard College for Orphans 1849 Report
Girard College for Orphans 1852 Report
Girard College for Orphans 1854 Report
Girard College for Orphans 1855 Report
Girard College for Orphans 1857 Report
Girard College for Orphans 1869 Report
Goldey College 1900 Catalogue
Good Shepherd Training School for Nurses
Goucher College 1911 Commencement
1893 Graduating Exercises of The Academy
Greenville Female College 1907-1908 Catalogue
Greenwood College 1894-95 Announcement
Grundy College 1929 Commencement
Gustavus Adolphus Academy 1911 Graduation
Hagerstown Seminary for Young Ladies 1891 Catalogue
Hahnemann Medical College 1895 Commencement
Hahnemann Medical College 1911 Commencement
32nd Halifax Ladies College Catalogue
Hamilton College 1833-4 Catalogue
Hamilton College 1842-3 Catalogue
Hamilton College 1843-4 Catalogue
Hamilton College 1844-5 Catalogue
Hamilton College 1845-6 Catalogue
Hamilton College 1847-8 Catalogue
Hamilton College 1848-9 Catalogue
Hamilton College 1852-3 Catalogue
Hamilton College 1864 Commencement
Hampden Sidney College 1823 Catalogue
Hampden Sidney College 1878 Catalogue
Hanover College 1891-92 Catalogue
Harrisonburg State Normal School 1921 Commencement
Hastings Law College 1911-1912 Announcement
Hillman College 1891 Catalogue
Hillsdale College 1869-70 Catalogue
Hiram College 1905
Hiram College 'The Gamma', 1912
Hobart College 1863-64 Catalogue
Hobart College 1869-70 Catalogue
Homer Academy 1920-21 Catalogue
Homer Academy 1928-29 Catalogue
Homoeopathic Medical College 1856 Catalogue
Homoeopathic Medical College 1865 Commencement
Horace Mann School for Boys 1915-1916
Huntingdon Normal College 1887 Catalogue
The Hya Yaka 1916
University of Illinois 1906 Commencement
University of Illinois 1928 Commencement
Illinois College 1877-78 Catalogue
Univ. of Illinois School of Pharmacy 1911 Commencement
Indiana Horticultural Society 1892 Report
Univ. of Iowa 1928 Commencement Program
Iowa State College 1911 Commencement
Iowa State University 1874-5 Catalogue
Ithaca University Club 1916 Program
Jefferson College 1849 Catalogue
Jefferson College 1861 Catalogue
Jefferson Medical College 1892-93 Announcement
Jefferson Medical College 1895-96 Announcement
Jefferson Medical College 1896-97 Announcement
Jefferson Medical College 1898-99 Announcement
Jefferson Medical College 1900-01 Announcement
Jefferson Medical College 1911 Class Day
Johns Hopkins Univ. Conferring of Degrees
Joliet Township High 1925 Commencement
Juniata College 1925 Commencement
University of Kansas 1922 Commencement
Kansas Normal School 1890-91 Catalogue
Kappa Sigma Epsilon 1856 Catalogue
Kentucky 1910 Commencement
Kentucky College of Medicine 1887 Catalogue
Kentucky School of Medicine 1898 Register
Kentucky State College 1896 Commencement
Keystone State Normal School 1905 Commencement
Keystone State Normal School 1911 Commencement
Lafayette College 1874-75 Catalogue
Lafayette College 1876-77 Catalogue
Lafayette College 1879-80 Catalogue
Lafayette College 1881-82 Catalogue
Lafayette College 1882-83 Catalogue
Lafayette College 1883-84 Catalogue
Lafayette College 1887-88 Catalogue
Lafayette College 1922 Commencement
Lafayette College 1924 Commencement
Lafayette College 1925 Commencement
Lafayette College Class of 1902 Reunion
Lambda Deuteron Chapter, Phi Gamma Delta, 1893 Report
Lawrence College 1929 Commencement
Lebanon Valley College 1877-78 Catalogue
Lehigh University 1929 Commencement
Lincoln Medical College 1909 Commencement
Long Island College Hospital 1889 Announcement
Long Island College Hospital 1890 Commencement
Los Angeles Normal School 1918 Graduation
Louisville University Dentistry School 1926 Graduation
Louisville University Dentistry School 1931 Graduation
Lunkentus 1919 Yearbook
Lutheran College 1916-17 Catalogue
Madison University 1871-1872 Catalogue
Madison University 1874-1875 Catalogue
Maine Wesleyan Seminary 1872-73 Catalogue
Maine Wesleyan Seminary 1875-76 Catalogue
Maine Wesleyan Seminary 1878-79 Circular
Mansfield Normal School 1890 Circular
Margaret College 1908-09 Spring Bulletin
Marietta College 1846-7 Catalogue
Marietta College 1858-9 Catalogue
Marietta College 1860-1 Catalogue
Marietta College 1864-5 Catalogue
Marion College 1835 Catalogue
Marquette University 1925 Commencement
Marshall College 1876 Catalogue
Mary Sharp College Alumni 1840-1896
Maryland Alumni Association Univ. of Virginia 1905 Members
Univ. of Maryland Dental Dept. 1892 Catalogue
Univ. of Maryland Sch. of Medicine 1883 Catalogue
Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine 1869 Catalogue
Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine 1889 Catalogue
Massachusetts Agricultural College 1871 Graduation
The Maverick Commencement 1923
Medical College of Virginia 1918 Commencement
Medico-Chirurgical College 1889 Commencement
Medico-Chirurgical College 1908 Commencement
Medico-Churgical College of Phila. 1897 Commencement
Miami University 1851 Annual Circular
Miami University 1865 Annual Circular
University of Michigan 1866-7 Catalogue
University of Michigan 1876-7 Calendar
University of Michigan 1885-6 School of Pharmacy Catalogue
University of Michigan 1896 Law Class Directory
University of Michigan 1924 Commencement
University of Michigan 1925 Commencement
University of Michigan 1927 Law School Catalogue
Middlebury College 1868 Necrology
Middlebury College 1868-9 Catalogue
Middlebury College 1874-75 Catalogue
Middlebury College 1874-75 Necrology
Millersville State Normal 1926 Commencement
Millersville State Normal School 1900 Junior Re-Union Programme
Mississippi A & M College 1929 Commencement
Mississippi College 1914 Commencement
Mississippi College for Women 1925 Bulletin
University of Mississipppi 1870-71 Catalogue
University of Missouri 1857 Catalogue
University of Missouri 1859 Catalogue
University of Missouri 1867 Catalogue
University of Missouri 1913 Commencement
University of Missouri 1914 Commencement
University of Missouri 1917 Commencement
University of Missouri 1918 Commencement
University of Missouri 1921 Commencement
University of Missouri 1926 Commencement
6th Annual Monmouth College Catalogue
University of Montana 1925 Commencement
University of Montana 1928 Commencement
Montana High School Debating League 1907 Bulletin
Montclair Normal School 1914 Catalogue
Montclair Normal School 1916 Catalogue
Montclair Normal School 1921 Commencement
Montclair Normal School 1922 Catalogue
Moravian Schools 1918-19 Catalogue
Mount Morris College 1916 Commencement
Mount Union College 1879-80 Catalogue
Mount Union College 1888 Catalogue
Mount Union College 1898 Graduation
Mt. Holyoke College 1892-1893 Catalogue
Mt. Holyoke College 1894-1895 Catalogue
Mt. Holyoke College 1902 Commencement
Mt. Holyoke College 1911 Commencement
Mt. Holyoke College 1923-24 Directory
Mt. Holyoke Seminary & College 1889 Catalogue
Mt. Holyoke Seminary & College 1890 Catalogue
Mt. Holyoke Seminary & College 1891 Catalogue
Muhlenberg College 1912 Catalog
Muhlenberg College 1930 Catalog
Muskingum College 1925 Commencement
N. H. College of Agriculture 1919 Graduation
Univ. of Nashville Medical Dept. 1869 Graduates
National College of Pharmacy 1882-'83 Circular
National College of Pharmacy 1883-'84 Circular
National University Law Dept. 1876 Commencement
University of Nebraska 1916-17 Bulletin
New England Female Medical College 1867 Catalogue
University of New Hampshire 1924 Commencement
New Hampshire Conference Seminary 1845-72 Alumni
New Hampshire Conference Seminary 1891 Catalogue
New Hampshire Conference Seminary 1900 Catalogue
New Hampshire Conference Seminary 1901-02 Catalogue
New Hampshire State Normal School 1873-4 Catalogue
New Hampshire State Normal School 1930 Catalog
New Hampton Literary Institution and Commercial College 65th Anniversary
New Jersey College of Pharmacy 1930 Commencement
New Jersey Normal School 1896 Catalogue
New Paltz Normal School 1926 Commencement
New Paltz Normal School 1926-1927 Catalogue
New Paltz Normal School 1927 Commencement
New Paltz Normal School 1928 Commencement
New York City University 1841 Commencement
New York City University 1842 Catalogue
New York City University 1855 Medical Department Catalogue
New York City University 1886-87 Medical Department Catalogue
New York Military Academy 1921-1922 Catalogue
New York University 1896 Class Day Exercises
New York University 1897 Class Day Exercises
Newark College of Eng. 1934 Commencement
Newberry College 1925-26 Catalogue
Newcomb Memorial College 1923-1924 Announcement
Nickerson College and Reno County High Catalogue
North Carolina College 1885-1886 Catalogue
North Carolina College 1896-1897 Catalogue
North Carolina College of Agriculture and Eng. 1926 Commencement
North Carolina Normal College 1914 Graduating Exercises
North Carolina Univ. 1925-26 Catalogue
North Carolina Univ. 1928-29 Catalogue
North Texas Female College 1889-90 Catalogue
North Western College 1924 Commencement
Northeastern Ohio Normal College 1889-90 Catalogue
Northern Illinois State Normal School 1921 Commencement
Northern Indiana College 1861-62 Catalogue
Northern Indiana Normal School 1890 Catalogue
Northern Montana College 1935 Commencement
Northwestern College 1916 Commencement
Northwestern Univ. Law School Commencement
Northwestern Univ. School of Pharmacy 1908
NYC University Club 1886 Members
Oberlin College 1857 Catalogue
Oberlin College 1894 Commencement
Oglethorpe University Bulletin Vol. 7, No. 2
Ohio Central College Commencement
Ohio State University 1896 Directory
Ohio State University 1905 Commencement
Ohio State University 1909 Commencement
Ohio University 1873-74 Catalogue
Ohio Wesleyan Female College 1869 Catalogue
Oklahoma Catholic College 1917 Announcement
Oklahoma Christian University 1911 Commencement
Olivet College 1879-80 Catalogue
Oneonta Normal School 1908 Commencement
Onondaga Academy 1893-94 Catalogue
Ontario School of Agriculture 1878 Report
Oregon Normal School 1922 Commencement
Oswego State Normal School 1914 Commencement and Banquet
Oxford College 1890-91 Catalogue
Oxford Female College 1867 Catalogue
Packard's Business College 1876 Catalogue
1785-1811 Parish Register of Kingston
Parsons College 1892 Catalogue
Peirce College of Business 1883 Commencement
Peirce College of Business 1924 Commencement
Penn. College of Dental Surgery 1908 Commencement
Univ. of Pennsylvania 1840 Catalogue
Pennsylvania Military College 1912 Commencement
Pennsylvania State College '08 Commencement Week
Pennsylvania State Normal School 1867-68 Catalogue
Pennsylvania State Normal School 1891-92 Catalogue
Pennsylvania State Normal School 1912 Commencement
Phi Beta Kappa, Univ of Wa. 1915 Roster
Phi Kappa Phi 1935 Anniversary Program
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 1856 Catalogue
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 1913 Catalogue
Philadelphia Normal School 1926 Commencement
Physio Medical College of Indiana 1901
U. of Pittsburgh 1916 Commencement (Partial)
Univ. of Pittsburgh 1925 Commencement
Po'keepsie Female Academy 1855 Commencement
19th Potomac State School Prospectus
Potsdam State Normal School 1915 Commencement
Providence State Normal School 1894 Catalogue
Public School 186 N.Y.C. 1917 Commencement
The 1916 Raquet
Rhode Island College 1803 Baccalaureate
Rider College 1927 Commencement
Ripon College 1875-76 Catalogue
Ripon College 1876-77 Catalogue
Univ. of Rochester 1852-3 Catalogue
Univ. of Rochester 1854-5 Catalogue
Univ. of Rochester 1869-70 Catalogue
Univ. of Rochester 1880-1 Catalogue
Univ. of Rochester 1882-3 Catalogue
Univ. of Rochester 1889 Commencement
Univ. of Rochester 1891-2 Catalogue
Univ. of Rochester 1893-4 Catalogue
Univ. of Rochester 1895-6 Catalogue
Univ. of Rochester 1897-8 Catalogue
Rockford Business College 1895 Reunion and Commencement
Rockhurst College 1915-16 Catalogue
Rockhurst College 1916-17 Catalogue
Rush Medical Graduation 1924
Rutgers College 150th Anniversary
Rutgers College 1849-50 Catalogue
Rutgers College 1852-53 Catalogue
Rutgers College 1876-77 Catalogue
Rutgers Female College 1867-68 Catalogue
University of Saint Joseph's College 1899-1900 Catalogue
Salem High School 1922 Commencement
Salem Normal School 1860 Catalogue
Scarritt-Morrisville College 1924 Commencement
School of Nursing 1930-1931 Bulletin
Sheffield Scientific School 1902 Class Day
Shippensburg State Normal School 1878-79 Catalogue
Shippensburg Teachers College 55th Commencement
Simplex Universal Joint 1927 Annual Report
Smith College 1890-91 Catalogue
Smith College 1896 Commencement
Smith College 1906 Commencement
Smith College 1908 Commencement
Smith College 1915 Commencement
Smith College 1926 Commencement
Smith College 1929 Commencement Program
Univ. of So. Carolina Service Flag Day 1918
Society of Social Friends 1826 Catalogue
South Carolina College for Women 1891 Catalogue
South Carolina Medical College 1911 Commencement
South Missouri Normal School 1875-76 Catalogue
Southbridge First Universalist Church 1850 Members
Southbridge First Universalist Church 50th Reunion
Southern California University 1922 Commencement
Southern College of Pharmacy 1914
Southern University 1899-1900 Catalogue
48th Spalding's Commercial College Catalogue
Spearfish State Normal School 1899 Commencement
Springfield Normal School 1902-03 Catalogue
St. Benedict's College Preparatory School 1925-1926 Catalogue
St. Bernard College 1895-96 Catalogue
St. John's College 1866 Catalogue
St. John's College 1874-75 Catalogue
St. John's College 1880-81 Catalogue
St. John's College 1883-84 Catalogue
St. Lawrence College 1895-1896 Catalogue
St. Louis College of Physicians 1889 Catalogue
St. Louis University 1857-58 Catalogue
St. Martin's College 1898 Catalogue
St. Martin's College 1903-04 Catalogue
St. Paul's Universalist Church 1919 Year Book
Starling Medical College 1902 Commencement
State Normal School 1892 Catalogue and Circular
State Normal School 1895 Catalogue and Circular
State Normal School 1909-1910 Catalogue
State Normal School 1929 Commencement
Storer College 1887-89 Catalogue
Storer College 1909-1910 Catalogue
The 1913 Stroller
Swamp College 1905 Souvenir
Swarthmore College 1877-78 Catalogue
Swarthmore College 1892 Commencement
Swarthmore College 1893 Commencement
Swarthmore College 1894 Commencement
Swarthmore College 1925 Commencement
Univ. of Sydney Medical School 1923 Year Book
Syracuse University 1909 Commencement
Syracuse University 1913 Commencement
Syracuse University 1921 Commencement
Toledo Alumni 1926 Directory and Handbook
Treble Clef Club Univ. of Idaho 1917 Program
Trinity College 1868-69 Catalogue
Trinity College 1877-78 Catalogue
Trinity College 1891-92 Catalogue
Trinity College 1892-93 Catalogue
Tufts College 1902-03 Register of Students
Tusculum College 1922-23 Catalogue
U. S. Army Iowa S. A. T. C. 1918 Roster
U. V. M. Medical Department 1898 Commencement
Union College 1823 Catalogue
Union College 1840 Catalogue
Union College 1856 Catalogue
Union University Bulletin, Volume IV, Number 2
University Club of Hudson County, N.J. 1912 Year Book
University Club of Mexico 1925 Members
University Club of San Francisco 1903 Members
Upper Canada College 1829 to 1900 Pupils
Ursinus College 1923 Commencement
Valparaiso College 1903 Commencement
Valparaiso University 1911 Commencement
Vassar College 1871-72 Catalogue
Vassar College 1872-73 Catalogue
Vassar College 1876-77 Catalogue
Vassar College 1878-79 Catalogue
Vassar College 1882-83 Catalogue
Vassar College 1885-86 Catalogue
Vassar College 1906-07 Catalogue
University of Vermont 1834 Catalogue
University of Vermont 1836 Catalogue
University of Vermont 1839 Catalogue
University of Vermont 1840 Catalogue
University of Vermont 1844 Catalogue
University of Vermont 1850 Catalogue
University of Vermont 1853-4 Catalogue
University of Vermont 1878-79 Catalogue
University of Vermont 1894-95 Catalogue
Univ. of Vermont College of Medicine '07
Vermont Conference Seminary 1870 Catalogue
Univ. of Vermont Medical 1884 Catalogue
Univ. of Vermont Medical 1887-88 Winter Catalogue
Univ. of Vermont Medical 1888-89 Winter Catalogue
Univ. of Vermont Medical 1890 Catalogue
Vermont Medical College 1847 Catalogue
Vermont Methodist Seminary 1872 Catalogue
Vermont State Normal Schools 1885 Catalogue
Vermont State Normal Schools 1889 Catalogue
Vermont State Normal Schools 1894-95
Vermont State Normal Schools 1898 Catalogue
Vermont State Normal Schools 1903-1904
Vermont State Normal Schools 1904-1905
Vermont State Normal Schools 1906-07 Catalogue
Wake Forest College 1889-90 Catalogue
Wake Forest College 1890-91 Catalogue
Warren Business College 1912 Commencement
Wartburg Normal College 1921 Graduation
Washington College 1835 Catalogue
Washington College 1842 Catalogue
Washington College 1892 Commencement
Washington College 1895 Commencement
Washington College 1908 Commencement
Washington State Normal School 1907 Catalogue
Washington Univ. Alumni Assoc. 1921 Bulletin
Waterville College 1851-52 Catalogue
Wells College 1908-1909 Catalogue
Wells College 1910 Alumnae Association
Wesleyan University 1838-39 Catalogue
Wesleyan University 1850-51 Catalogue
Wesleyan University 1928 Commencement
West Chester Normal School 1917 Commencement
West Chester Normal School 1918 Commencement
West Chester Teachers College 1928 Commencement
West Chester Teachers College 1929 Commencement
West Virginia University 1926 Commencement
West Virginia University 1928 Choir Program
Western Normal College 1900 Commencement
Western Reserve Academy 1887-8 Catalogue
Western Reserve College 1848-9 Catalogue
Western Reserve College 1854-5 Catalogue
Western Reserve College 1856-7 Catalogue
Western School of Commerce 1903-04 Catalogue
Western School of Commerce 1905-06 Catalogue
Western State Normal School 1915-1916 Catalog
Westfield State Normal School 1869 Catalogue
Westfield State Normal School 1870 Catalogue
William and Mary 1925 Finals
William Jewell College 1854 Catalogue
William Jewell College 1859 Catalogue
William Jewell College 1870-71 Catalogue
William Jewell College 1871-72 Catalogue
William Jewell College 1872-73 Catalogue
Williams College 1835-6 Catalogue
Williams College 1845-6 Catalogue
Williams College 1856-57 Catalogue
Williams College 1870-71 Catalogue
Williams College 1878 Obituary Record
Williams College 1880 Obituary Record
Williams College 1880-81 Catalogue
Williams College 1882 Obituary Record
Williams College 1883 Obituary Record
Williams College 1884 Obituary Record
Williams College 1886 Obituary Record
Williams College 1887 Obituary Record
Williams College 1888 Obituary Record
Williams College 1889 Obituary Record
Williams College 1889-90 Catalogue
Williams College 1890 Obituary Record
Williams College 1891 Obituary Record
Williams College 1892 Obituary Record
Williams College 1893 Obituary Record
Williams College 1894 Obituary Record
Williams College 1896 Obituary Record
Williams College 1897 Obituary Record
Williams College 1898 Obituary Record
Williams College 1899 Obituary Record
University of Wisconsin 1870-71 Catalogue
University of Wisconsin 1874 Annual Report
University of Wisconsin 1875-76 Catalogue
University of Wisconsin 1907 Commencement
University of Wisconsin 1910 Commencement
University of Wisconsin 1915 Commencement
44th Woman's Medical College of PA Annual Announcement
The Women's University Club 1907
Woodstock College 1906-7 Announcement
Univ. of Wyoming 1917 Catalogue
Univ. of Wyoming 1921 Catalogue
Wyoming Seminary 1880 Catalogue


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